Approaching Christmas Weather

Fri, 19 Dec 2014 - Good evening everyone! Christmas is exactly one week away and it’s looking like the weather will be ramping up quite a bit before we get there. We’ll start off the weekend excessively wet. A few frontal systems will bring widespread … Continue reading

Damaging Windstorm Update Article

Fri, 12 Dec 2014 - UPDATED December 11th 7:00 PM: Hi everyone! This will be brief, I just got home and the winds are already starting to howl to over 50mph! A strong cyclone will generate high winds through midnight tonight. Gusts over 55 mph … Continue reading

Record Breaking High Temps, and a Potentially Damaging Wind Storm!

Thu, 11 Dec 2014 - Not sure which is more impressive, tomorrow’s possible wind storm or today’s record high temperatures in the upper 60s…in December! Thursday’s wind storm would certainly be more impactful, so lets get into that. Computer generated weather models have been wrestling with … Continue reading

Prepare for a Wet Week!

Sun, 07 Dec 2014 - You wouldn’t be blamed for taking this time of the year to escape the Northwest and visit some other warmer..or drier place. If you enjoy this wet or stormy weather however, then you’ll be excited about next week! With how … Continue reading

Temps Rise, Rain Returns – Thawing Out

Tue, 02 Dec 2014 - We’ll be slowly crawling out of our cold spell throughout this week, but until we’ve fully thawed out, cold and icy roads will remain to be an obstacle for your commutes. Dress warm, and enjoy the sun while it’s there! … Continue reading

Weather News

VIDEO: Snow Briefly Appears & Then Disappears

VIDEO: Snow Briefly Appears & Then Disappears

With the entire Puget Sound on alert for snow, the blog staff has been keeping one eye on the sky in case any of the white stuff puts in an appearance. Several of our photographers have been preparing... [Read more]

PHOTOS: Rising Duwamish River Takes Tethered Boat Down In Tukwila

PHOTOS: Rising Duwamish River Takes Tethered Boat Down In Tukwila

The Duwamish River crested Tuesday (Jan. 18th), and as it rose it brought a tethered boat down with it, as seen in these photos shot by Photographer David Sharpe (click images to see larger versions): David... [Read more]