Post-Thanksgiving Chill!

Thu, 27 Nov 2014 - Good morning and happy Thanksgiving everyone! Only a single day after we enjoy our family’s company and our turkey dinners, we’ll face a bout of early winter weather. Very cold air will begin filling in on Friday, just as a … Continue reading

Soggy Turkey Week

Tue, 25 Nov 2014 - Things are kicking into high gear this week for Northwest weather. There’s a number of meteorological elements at play; but the bottom line for folks planning their Thanksgiving week is that it’s going to rain..a lot. A Flood Watch and … Continue reading

Washington/Oregon Tornadic Outbreak!

Sun, 23 Nov 2014 - November 23rd 10:30AM: Good morning everyone! We’ve got some crazy weather just south of Puget Sound along the WA/OR coast. Multiple tornado warnings have been issued as strong thunderstorms move onshore harboring strong rotation and possible waterspouts/tornadoes within them. A … Continue reading

Active Weather Weekend

Sat, 22 Nov 2014 - It’s going to be one of those mixed bag weather weekends. Friday saw persistent heavy rain, wind, and a good deal of snow in the mountains and passes. Saturday will likely be much more habitable, however that familiar phrase “chance … Continue reading

Nature’s Not-So-Subtle Reminder – Week/Weekend Outlook

Thu, 20 Nov 2014 - We’ve stepped into the week before Thanksgiving, and nature’s here to remind us which season we’re in. Our big protective hill of high pressure has broken and moved out; which means things are going to change fast. Out with the … Continue reading

Weather News

VIDEO: Snow Briefly Appears & Then Disappears

VIDEO: Snow Briefly Appears & Then Disappears

With the entire Puget Sound on alert for snow, the blog staff has been keeping one eye on the sky in case any of the white stuff puts in an appearance. Several of our photographers have been preparing... [Read more]

PHOTOS: Rising Duwamish River Takes Tethered Boat Down In Tukwila

PHOTOS: Rising Duwamish River Takes Tethered Boat Down In Tukwila

The Duwamish River crested Tuesday (Jan. 18th), and as it rose it brought a tethered boat down with it, as seen in these photos shot by Photographer David Sharpe (click images to see larger versions): David... [Read more]