Elevate NW

By Andrea H. Reay
Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce

The Northwest’s history is one of innovators, artists, and entrepreneurs – dreaming big and working hard. The values that define our region have made it possible to create a thriving and competitive economy while figuring out the best path forward together.

That same spirit of collaboration helped forge the partnership that our Chamber has with the Seattle Metro Chamber. Last summer The Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce and the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce announced a new partnership in order to better and more strategically promote the economic and community development activities for our region. Both Chambers promote business advancement by helping to build and maintain a strong economic environment. Our Chamber is committed to working with the Seattle Metro Chamber and offering our members a broad range of membership benefits which will grow business development, services, and marketing opportunities for our region. We strive to expand the collaborative culture in our area because we know the benefits of working alongside one another. This partnership with Seattle Metro Chamber is an extension of that work and our commitment to best serve our members and our community. 

There is tremendous strength that comes from working together and working more efficiently. We were founded on the belief that we are better and stronger together. Increasing our collaborative efforts is a big win for our entire community, especially our small business members that will have access to opportunities and services within two broad service areas (Seattle and Seattle Southside). This partnership allows us to create even greater benefits for our small business members (15 or fewer employees) while greatly increasing our region’s exposure with amplified marketing, networking and promotional opportunities.

Please join us at an exciting event dedicated to the growth and success of small businesses – Elevate NW. From solopreneurs to companies that employ tens of thousands of people, we all play a role in building relationships that create an environment where small businesses can continue to flourish and innovate.  At this half-day conference you’ll hear inspirational stories and learn how businesses are improving workforce development, working smarter, and growing through new partnerships. Dig in to real-life examples of business success, meet peers, learn from game-changers, and gain insight on developing beneficial relationships with companies of all sizes.

WHEN: Tuesday, April 24, 2018: 1 – 6 p.m.

WHERE: Fisher Pavilion and Armory Lofts, Seattle Center, 305 Harrison St, Seattle, WA, 98109 (Get Directions)

INFO/RSVP: Register here: 


Andrea H. Reay is the President/CEO of Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce – “A voice for business, a leader in the community.” Seattle Southside Chamber has served the communities of Burien, Des Moines, Normandy Park, SeaTac and Tukwila since 1988.

For more information on the Chamber, including member benefits and resources, please visit www.SeattleSouthsideChamber.com.

From our friends at the Tukwila Police Department:

Blotter for Saturday April 7th and Sunday, April 8th 2018. It was another busy weekend with quite a few calls for service. Remember to swing by Claim Jumper this Thursday if you have time from 5PM – 9PM for Tip-A-Cop with the tips going to the Special Olympics. Also, a reminder to get in your applications for our summer internship by April 30th!

Looking at the weather forecast for this week is depressing. Straight rain! Haven’t been this disappointed since the time Full House killed off Papouli! Remember to give yourself some extra space between your vehicle and the one in front of you for reaction time and keep an eye out for standing water in the roadways. If you are involved in a collision, pull off to the side of the road or even better, get off the road altogether and into a parking lot to exchange info.

Speaking of rain, check out the photo of this awesome Mary Poppins setup we have going on for our motorcycle unit to keep the rain off their tablets and other technological gizmos.

Vehicle Prowl 188539
13000 blk Gateway Dr
A vehicle was broken into. A gun safe with a firearm in it was removed from the trunk along with ammunition and an iPod.

Theft 188540
15200 blk Tukwila Int Blvd
A female asked a male for a ride. He dropped her off in the 15200 blk of Tukwila Int Blvd at her request. After she left, he noticed that his iPhone that had been on the center console was missing.

DV Assault 188541
4200 blk 164th St
A male and female got into a physical altercation after an argument. The male had minor injuries and a possible broken nose from the altercation. The female half was booked for DV Assault.

Suspicious Activity/Warrant Arrest 188545
3700 blk 152nd St
Officers responded to the report of several individuals that were not residents of an apartment complex getting in and out of several vehicles and being loud for several hours. Officers contacted the group. A male was booked on an outstanding trespass warrant out of Auburn.

Stolen Vehicle 188556
2900 blk 112th St
A customer rented a vehicle that was due back on March 31st. They failed to return it or respond to the companies attempts to contact them. The rental vehicle was entered in the system as stolen. Not sure of the point of stealing a vehicle that you provided a copy of your driver license to rent in the first place…There are easier ways of getting cheap thrills like peeling a lemon when you have a paper cut.

Shoplift 188559
14200 blk Tukwila Int Blvd
Two males entered a store, loaded up several boxes and a whole bunch of Legos then fled on foot in two different directions. They were not located. The Lego Bandits act was caught on surveillance cameras just like others that have tried and failed before them.

Stolen Vehicle 188562
Southcenter District
A 1994 Honda Civic was stolen sometime between 11:30AM – Noon.

Recovered Stolen Vehicle 188569
3700 blk Southcenter Blvd
A vehicle stolen on March 7th was found with three flat tired parked in front of one of our problem apartment units. No better way to draw further attention to one’s criminal activities like leaving stolen vehicles parked out front.
Juvenile Problem 188573
Southcenter District
Officers stopped a fight before it got started and trespassed and removed several individuals from the property.

Suspicious Activity 188584
14100 blk Tukwila Int Blvd
A female called 911 stating that an acquaintance of hers stole her vehicle. She then stated the vehicle isn’t actually in her name but is in someone else’s name. She then realized that reporting a vehicle as stolen that wasn’t actually hers probably wasn’t the best idea since she had a theft warrant for her own criminal misdeeds.

Dispute 188592
Southcenter District
A store owner observed a female removing tags from merchandise. When he asked her to stop doing so, her parents took offense to it and engaged him in a loud, heated dispute. An officer happened to be nearby and heard the commotion and diffused the situation before it turned physical.
Sunday, April 8, 2018

Welfare Check 188615
13100 blk Interurban Ave S
A male was reported as having been sitting in his vehicle at a gas pump for close to an hour. Immediate thought was that he is a very patient person from Oregon waiting for someone to come out and pump his gas. Turned out he was just sleeping in his car and as a bonus, his vehicle is the suspect vehicle from a previous shoplifting incident at Kohls. Officers woke Rip Van Winkle up and he moved along.

Suspicious Vehicle/Warrant Arrest 188623
15400 blk 53rd Ave
Officers contacted two individuals in the wee hours of the morning in a vehicle with no plates or temp tags in a dark corner of a parking lot. One of the two had multiple warrants out of several cities. The other male had “name amnesia” and couldn’t remember his name or date of birth for awhile. Turned out he just didn’t want us to find out that he had a felony escape warrant. Both males were booked on their warrants.

Unwanted Person/Liquor Violation 188624
14000 blk Interurban Ave S
An intoxicated male who thought he was in Vegas was wandering around a parking lot with booze in hand then attempted to enter a casino with said booze. They told him absolutely not and asked him to leave. He decided instead to go for the INGA Award (I’m Not Going Anywhere) and stood his ground refusing to leave. Officers contacted him and he left.

Warrant Arrest 188660
14100 blk Tukwila Int Blvd
Officers responded to the report of a female screaming and yelling at people and attempting to enter a business. Officers contacted her and discovered that she had multiple warrants got assault an obstructing a law enforcement officer. She was booked on the warrants.

Attempted Shoplift 188669
17100 Southcenter Blvd
A female suspected of shoplifting at the stores location in another city was observed cutting security sensors off merchandise with a knife. She was so nonchalant about it that she even decided that she was hungry and began eating food and candy right off the shelves while she went about her criminal business. Officers contacted her and trespassed her from the store at the request of the business.

Vehicle Prowl/Suspicious Person 188677
5900 blk 180th St
An officer patrolling an area that has been hit hard by vehicle prowls heard a vehicle alarm go off nearby. As he approaches the vehicle he sees a male standing right next to victim vehicle. The male sees the officer coming and attempts to get in his getaway vehicle parked right next to the victim vehicle. The getaway driver also sees the officer coming and decides that their friendship isn’t as precious as staying out of jail so he booked it leaving the suspect standing there heartbroken that their friendship didn’t mean enough to the other suspect. He does what they all do in this situation and decided to just try to walk away and act cool. He was detained and identified. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough probable cause to arrest him even though we all know what went down. But, we know who he is now and what kind of car his probably now ex-friend drives.

Warrant Arrest 188694
3700 blk 144th St
Officers contacted several individuals in a vehicle with no license plates just before midnight in a parking lot. The driver is one of our regulars and had a no contact order with a female. There were two females in the vehicle one of which had ID with her. The other female went the name amnesia route but ultimately was able to remember her name. She had an outstanding theft warrant and was booked.

A Recycling Event will be held at Foster High School in Tukwila from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. on Saturday, May 5.

Tukwlia residents may bring:

  • Mattresses/Box Springs – fee applies
  • Styrofoam Blocks and Packing Peanuts
  • Cardboard
  • Propane Tanks – fee applies
  • Batteries
  • Lead Acid Batteries
  • Porcelain Toilet & Sinks – fee applies
  • Motor Oil & Filters
  • Antifreeze
  • Household Goods & Reusable clothing
  • Refrigerators & Freezers – fee applies
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Bulky wood
  • Tires – some fees apply
  • Appliances & Scrap Metal – some fees apply

This event will also include a Rain Barrel and Worm Bin Sale:

  • Rain Barrels – $35 each
  • Worm Bins – $25 each.

Cash only, while supplies last. No pre or post event sales.

Starting at 9 a.m. at Foster High School.

For Tukwila residents only. Please bring proof of Tukwila address.

For details, download a PDF flier here.

WHEN: May 5, 2018 9am to 3pm; No vehicles may enter after 3 pm

WHERE: Foster High School 4242 S 144th Street, Tukwila, 98168

Foster High School is located at 4242 S 144th Street, Tukwila, wA 98168:

Don’t forget – Tukwila Police will give a whole new meaning to “protect and serve” at the Claim Jumper restaurant’s ‘Tip-A-Cop’ fundraiser on April 12.

“Join us to support #SpecialOlympics Washington!”

For more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/557782244604924/

Students at Raisbeck Aviation High School are once again proving the sky is not the limit. A team of eleven students spent 16 months designing, engineering and building a payload that launched into space on a recent Blue Origin New Shepard rocket.

Raisbeck Aviation Teacher Nikhil Joshi’s Flight By Design class, an engineering class for juniors and seniors, took on the astronomical challenge. The question the team of eleven students wanted to tackle: “How do immiscible fluids interact under microgravity?”

For more than a year students designed, documented and created experiments to satisfy their experimental question. Through the process, students worked with Blue Origin, a local, privately-funded spaceflight company and NanoRacks, a partner company that develops products and offers services for space use.

“As a teacher, I think the best part of this process was watching the students interact with Blue Origin and NanoRacks. We had weekly and bi-weekly conference calls,” Joshi said. “Students ran the calls, took notes and asked questions. They gained a huge amount of confidence in what they can do after high school.”

Joshua Carver was one of the students who worked on the experiment. According to Carver, the team developed a variety of industry-critical skills working on this project. Skills included programming, learning and using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) for electrical diagrams and project-managing skills that proved to be crucial to the success of the experiment.

“I worked with actual engineers in an environment that is not possible to fully replicate in the classroom. The most fun and important part of the project was where we met challenges–we had to get in touch with Blue Origin, NanoRacks or other experts to ask questions and figure out how to fix the problem,” Carver said. “It was very common that we would have to arrange meetings and collaborations between sub-teams. We were consistently juggling responsibilities to both the team and to Blue Origin and NanoRacks.”

Their experiment had to fit inside a space smaller than a grade school pencil box. To ensure its safety, it was transported in a briefcase straight out of a James Bond movie.

The payload launched in December. The flight to space and back lasted 11 minutes. The experiment had approximately three minute in microgravity. Students received data in the form of a video where they can observe and analyze the quality of the fluid.

The team is currently dreaming up a second payload experiment that focuses on the difference between critical magnetic fields under earth’s gravity and under a microgravity environment.

On Thursday night (March 22), the Tukwila Landmarks Commission designated the Boeing Red Barn (aka Boeing Airplane Company Building 105) as the newest Tukwila Landmark.

West elevation of the building with drafting offices on the second floor.

1917 image in its original location on the Duwamish River.

Interior of the first floor. Original timber posts show where the bottom 10 or 12 inches had to be replaced in-kind due to many years of use and rot.

Same space in 1918. Producing pontoons for the Model C floatplane.

These 110 year old timbers are still in pretty good shape!

It’s prominently featured at the Museum of Flight, and has been restored to its 1917 appearance.

“Congratulations! Thanks to Sarah Martin & Flo Lentz for preparing an amazing nomination, and to the Museum of Flight for these great historic images.”

Photos & info courtesy King County Historic Preservation.

The Tukwila Police Department says that on Tuesday, March 13 at around 2 p.m., officers responded to the 400 block of Baker Blvd. (map below) for the report of a dog that had been stolen from outside of a restaurant.

The dog’s owner stated that a male had walked by her dog twice and on the third pass, grabbed her dog, unleashed him and took off running. The suspect was not located. The victim provided an excellent description of the suspect and provided officers with photos of her dog.

Yesterday, our rookie Officer Schneider – fresh out of the academy who was the handling officer for the original call – spotted the suspect in the 15400 blk of Tukwila Intl Blvd. The suspect was wearing more or less the exact same outfit that he wore during the initial theft and had a dog on a leash that looked just like the victim’s dog. With assistance from Officer Hernandez and Officer Kolstad, Officer Schneider contacted the suspect who couldn’t keep his lies straight. It quickly became obvious to everyone that this was the right suspect and dog.

King County Animal Control responded to the scene and checked the microchip on the dog which verified that the dog belonged to our victim. The victim responded to the scene and positively identified the dog as hers as well as identifying the suspect as being the same person that she had seen steal her dog.

While being taken into custody, the suspect put up a struggle, but was ultimately detained without issues. He was booked for theft.

From new Advertiser the 33rd District Democrats:

We all know that our nation needs new leadership; now is the time we focus locally to make that happen! We need to be prepared to fight for every vote in every corner of our state, and in order to do that we need to create the bold, progressive message that we KNOW will move us towards electoral victory in 2018.

Join us at the Democratic Legislative District Caucus on Saturday, March 24, 2018, from 10 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. to:

  • Meet neighbors who share your concerns
  • Hear Updates from Elected Officials
  • Meet Your Party Leaders
  • BECOME a precinct committee officer for YOUR neighborhood!
  • Listen to New Candidates
  • Review our state Democratic Party Platform, and learn about the process for how we turn it into policy
  • ELECT delegates to the state convention
  • Learn How You Else Can Help

At our Legislative District Caucuses, we will elect delegates and alternates to the WA State Convention. We will be holding the caucus at our usual meeting place:

Everyone who is registered to vote by the time of the November general election, and who resides in the 33rd district, and declares themselves a Democrat is welcome to attend and participate; We encompass the cities of Des Moines, Normandy Park, Seatac, parts of Renton, Burien, Kent, and Tukwila.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our PCO Coordinator: [email protected].

For more info, visit http://33rddistrictdemocrats.org.

Author and travel TV host Rick Steves will be the keynote speaker at the Seattle Southside RTA’s ‘Tourism Symposium 2018’ on Thursday, March 29 at the Hilton Seattle Airport & Conference Center.

The event will run from 3:30 to 6 p.m.

In celebration of an outstanding 2017, the event will feature an insightful look into this past year and the RTA’s upcoming plans for 2018. The Seattle Southside RTA will outline the findings of the annual Tourism Impact Report and the ROI earned for each dollar of visitor spending.

Tourism Symposium 2018 will feature Katherine Kertzman, president and CEO of the Seattle Southside RTA, along with travel writer Rick Steves as the keynote speaker.

Rick Steves is a guidebook author and travel television host who has been a business owner for 42 years. In addition, Steves has produced over 50 guidebooks and has a national public radio show and a weekly syndicated column, among other endeavors. He will be sharing stories from his amazing travel experiences during the keynote address.

Guests will enjoy appetizers and a no-host bar. Registration is $30 per person. For additional information or to register, please visit www.SeattleSouthside.com/Tourism-Symposium.

From our friends at the Tukwila Police Department:

Blotter for Wednesday, March 7, 2018. The blotter is back!

Last night was day one of the Community Academy. Thank you to all who attended including Mayor Ekberg. We had a great turn out and a very diverse group of attendees which was awesome. We went over the recruiting/hiring process, training and social media, body cameras, equipment and a few other topics. We had some great questions about policing and laws that were asked.

Coffee With Tukwila PD this Saturday from 9AM – Noon. Starbucks 17480 Southcenter Pkwy near Old Navy and Dicks Sporting Goods.

Again for those interested in a career with us, apply at www.publicsafetytesting.com. We are actively hiring to fill current vacancies and upcoming ones due to retirements as well. More info at www.jointukwilapd.com.

  • Stolen Vehicle 185726
    4700 blk Southcenter Blvd
    A gray 1987 Toyota Camry was stolen sometime overnight.
  • Shoplift 185762
    200 blk Andover Park W
    A male stole 4-5 sleeping pads from a store and fled in a vehicle.
  • Shoplift 185766
    3700 blk 144th St
    The Eyelash Bandit struck yet again. This time she entered a difference convenience store right near the other one that she had been trespassed from and stole eyelashes. The store declined to press charges. She was trespassed and the eyelashes were returned to the store. Stop stealing eyelashes already.
  • Recovered Stolen Vehicle 185767
    Southcenter District
    A 1998 Honda Civic stolen in Renton was located unoccupied and recovered in a parking lot.
  • Vehicle Prowl 185768
    400 blk Costco Dr
    The victim loaded her car and left it unlocked momentarily when she went to return the shopping cart. When she returned, her purse, phone, wallet, ID, debit cards, another wallet, $200 in gift cards, $500 gas card and $80 Starbucks card were gone. Suspect immediately used several of the cards in Kent. As always, the thief was not the sharpest knife in the drawer using the stolen cards at stores with surveillance cameras 😂
  • Trespass 185772
    10300 blk 51st Ave
    Two males were seen at a house that is vacant and in a completely uninhabitable (disgusting) state. This particular house has been a recurring issue as a previous occupant and his friends and friends of friends of friends have been flopping there. Officers contacted an individual on the property and trespassed him. We look forward to seeing the wrecking ball and bulldozers demolish this place.
  • Mail Theft 185777
    14400 blk 34th Ave
    A ne’er do-well stole mail from a mailbox (much easier and less criminal ways of making money than this). Unfortunately for them, their criminal misdeed was caught on video which we will be sharing shortly.
  • Shoplift 185778
    Southcenter District
    Two adult females definitely old enough to know better were observed by loss prevention removing security tags from merchandise and concealing items. According to loss prevention, both are repeat offenders. They were contacted by officers. One of them had been previously formally trespassed from the store for much of the same misbehavior. She was arrested for trespassing.
  • Shoplift 185787
    6800 blk 180th St
    A male in a not so conspicuous bright orange safety vest had a bad shoplifting outing. He attempted to shoplift but ditched the merchandise and fled on foot prior to officer’s arrival. Loss prevention reviewed surveillance footage and saw him arrive in a vehicle that he had left behind when he ran away. They had it towed at his expense. He lost the merchandise and his vehicle.
  • Trespass 185792
    14400 blk 59th Ave S
    A male was taken into custody for trespassing after he returned to a location that he had previously been trespassed from.
  • Detox 185793
    14800 blk Tukwila Int Blvd
    A highly intoxicated male was sent to the hospital by ambulance to detox.
  • Detox
    15000 blk Tukwila Int Blvd 185795
    Another intoxicated male was transported to the hospital by ambulance to detox. He was discovered passed out on a sidewalk.

Mayor Ekberg giving opening remarks at the 2018 Community Academy.