Mayoral candidate Ojay Dubow withdraws from race, endorses Allan Ekberg

Tukwila Mayoral candidate Ojay Dubow has withdrawn his candidacy for the position, and has endorsed incumbent Mayor Allan Ekberg.

“I’ll be supporting him (Allan Ekberg) all the way,” Dubow said.

Ojay Dubow endorses Allan Ekberg for his re-election bid for Mayor of Tukwila, WA!

Tukwila Mayor Allan Ekberg is honored to have the support of community leader Ojay Dubow. Thanks, for the support Ojay! Together we can move Tukwila forward!#reelectekberg Re-Elect Allan Ekberg Tukwila Mayor

Posted by Re-Elect Allan Ekberg Tukwila Mayor on Thursday, April 18, 2019

Mr. Dubow declared his candidacy for the position in January, but changed his mind and posted this on April 12:

Peace be to all of you !

I am honored by the outpouring of support I’ve received since announcing my candidacy for mayor of Tukwila. In the last few months, many of our diverse community members have indicated their desire to participate in my campaign in order to fight for real change in the interests of ordinary people instead of a City Hall run on behalf of big businesses.

Unfortunately, in spite of a lot of strong support from my family, friends,everyone who reached out to me and my lovely campaign team, it’s my regret that at this point I will no longer be able to seek this mayoral seat for personal reasons.

I understand this will be a disappointment to all my supporters and community members who supported me throughout the campaign.

As we go forward I will continue the fight against homelessness, gentrification, education Disparities and discrimination of all kinds. As always, I will continue to work with others who we share values to create better city for our communities. As we stay engaged I will continue to help build a movement where the voices of ordinary working people are heard and to challenge and dismantle injustice where ever it is .We need real solutions to address the growing inequality in our city. We need to tax on big business to build affordable housing and fully fund education, and we need a $15 minimum wage for Tukwila workers. We need commercial rent control to stop the gentrification of small businesses and residents out of our city.

Tukwila is a city that I love and raised my children, Tukwila is my home and I will continue the fight for justice and peace for all.

As we go to the polls in the upcoming primary and the general elections, I hope we can all remember this, and cast our votes for a different kind of politics, rooted in social justice. We have a responsibility to our families, to our people, and to all we represent for a better future with prosperity and happiness.

Thank you all for all the tremendous love and support you have showed me during my campaign….

Love and Peace.
Ojay Dubow

“I am extremely honored to have the support of such a highly respected community leader like Ojay,” Ekberg said. “Ojay has fantastic intentions for our community. We have had a couple recent meetings and I am very impressed. Mr. Dubow and I intend to keep the lines of communication open and he’s even promised to make an appearance at my Birthday Party!”

The Re-Elect Ekberg campaign will be throwing a party for Allan Ekberg on Sunday, May 5 on the 19th Floor of the Hotel Interurban, where Tukwila residents and guests will learn more about Ekberg’s bid to win the Tukwila Mayoral position for a second time and his plans for Tukwila if re-elected.

Those interested in attending the event at 2:30 p.m. are encouraged to RSVP at

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