VIDEO: Dramatic footage shows utility pole falling onto car in Tukwila

The Tukwila Police Department on Tuesday (April 9) released the following dramatic footage showing last Friday’s utility pole failure near the Museum of Flight, which landed on a car and injured two people:

As we previously reported, this incident knocked power out to over 15,000 customers in the south end on Friday, April 5, trapping two people in a car that was pierced by a falling pole. They were safely extracted by Tukwila Police and emergency workers. One victim had a superficial injury, and the other had non-life threatening injuries and was transported by ambulance to a local hospital.

UW Meteorologist Cliff Mass theorizes that the failure and toppling of 24 utility poles on E. Marginal Way were possibly caused by weather:

“A well-defined front was moving through the region at the time, which is clear from a weather satellite image at 2 p.m.”

“The coincidence of the passage of this band with the failure of the power poles can hardly be an accident. But the winds at nearby sites don’t seem strong enough to take down properly maintained poles. To me there are two possibilities:

  1. There was one pole (or several) that were rotted or weakened. It failed in the moderate winds and took down the adjacent lines though the interconnected power lines.
  2. That the winds were stronger in the location of the Museum of Flight.

“One possibility is some kind of localized microburst, but that does not seem probable considering the modest heights of the convection and lack of dry air near the surface (which helps rev up the descending air from evaporative cooling).”


One Response to “VIDEO: Dramatic footage shows utility pole falling onto car in Tukwila”
  1. Ryan says:

    Luckily they were not electrocuted especially everything was wet at that time.

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