Tukwila Councilmember Kathy Hougardy announces re-election campaign

Tukwila Councilmember Kathy Hougardy announced this week that she will be running for re-election to the Tukwila City Council this year.

She was originally elected to office in 2007, and is currently the City Council President.

Here’s more from Kathy:

Ms. Hougardy feels it’s important to continue her work on the Tukwila City Council, saying:

“Our Public Safety plan is in the implementation stage and needs continued time and resources devoted to it. In addition, we are in the middle of developing important plans and policies including housing, economic development and transportation. I’ve been a significant regional player in all of these projects, and would like to continue this good work.” She continues, “I’ve got the experience and the relationships with other key stakeholders to keep Tukwila at the table and to get things done that will benefit our residents.”

Ms. Hougardy notes that while the regional issue of affordable housing continues to be a challenge, she has encouraged and supported innovative ideas to ease housing shortages. For example, the Tukwila City Council has approved planned low-income developments that include both apartments and individual homes using public-private partnerships. In addition to city-wide efforts, the Council has approved a partnership agreement with neighboring cities to address housing accessibility.

Lastly, Ms. Hougardy believes an emphasis on “the Missing Middle” – affordable housing for middle income people – is important. This includes condominiums, townhomes and smaller houses that would be feasible financially for people just getting into the housing market (or downsizing) in our region where housing costs have skyrocketed.

Ms. Hougardy believes that there must be an ongoing emphasis on reducing crime in the city; increasing safety in the city’s residential areas; pro-active code enforcement; and improving neighborhood infrastructure such as sidewalks and roads.

Projects that Ms. Hougardy has been connected with include oversight of the Tukwila Village Plan, now nearing completion; the new King County Library; and growth and development in the Southcenter area.

Ms. Hougardy supports the Tukwila’s economic efforts by serving as the chair of the Soundside Alliance for Economic Development Board, and the chair of the Lodging Tax Advisory Committee. She represents the City in regional transportation issues by serving on the South County Area Transportation Board, and is a key advocate for Tukwila as a member of the King County Regional Transportation Committee, which reviews and makes recommendations to the King County Council on countywide policies for public transportation services operated by the County.

She is the past chair of Tukwila Equity and Diversity Commission, and the co-chair of the Highline Forum. She is also a member of the Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce and the Tukwila Historical Society. Ms. Hougardy organizes the annual National Night Out Against Crime for her street, and has led the block watch for her immediate neighborhood since the late 90s. She formerly served on the Tukwila Pantry Executive Advisory Board, and has volunteered in the school district, including organizing a parent advisory group at Showalter Middle school for six years.

Kathy and her husband Ed have lived in Tukwila since 1993. They have three sons; Andrew, who graduated from Foster High School in 2016; Dan, graduating from Foster High School this year; and Tim, who resides in Georgia.

Kathy graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in Visual Communications. Her career has included working as a marketing support representative and owning a small business. She taught Graphic Arts at Seattle Central Community College for 12 years.

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