Shooting threat at Foster High School Friday determined to be not credible

The Tukwila School District says that a posting on social media was made about a school shooting taking place at Foster High School on Friday, Dec. 14.

Administrators worked with Tukwila Police Department to determine the source of this information, which was a rumor that had been identified and district officials and police are taking appropriate disciplinary steps.

“Over the last week we have received information about rumors of this nature and have investigated every instance where a student has reported hearing of a school shooting and we have been able to determine the source in every instance,” the district said in a statement.

The district added:

“If at any point we were to determine that there is a credible and imminent threat to the school we will follow lockdown procedures that are in place and take every precaution to keep our students safe. You would be notified in the event of a lockdown once we secured the building. Our priority will be to ensure safety of our students first, and then communicate outward as quickly as possible. Please know that we will only go into lockdown if we are directed by the police or if we have determined that there is an active or imminent threat.”

“Again, TDS wants to assure you that we have and will continue to investigate every rumor we hear and that we have, with TPD, identified the source of the rumor and there is not any credible threat to the school at this time.”

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