Tukwila Education Association Members vote to strike, effective Sept. 5

The Tukwila Education Association Bargaining Team voted to call a teacher strike against the Tukwila School District, effective this coming Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2018.

On Aug. 14, Tukwila EA general membership approved a measure by 98% giving the bargaining committee the authority to call a strike if there was no tentative agreement to consider by Monday, Aug. 27, 2018.

The final bargain date of this week was Aug. 29, and although the team was at the table for four hours, no tentative agreement was met.

“Tukwila EA staff, both certificated and classified, have already been in their buildings working without a confirmed salary schedule,” union organizers said. “This includes two mandatory days this week for teaching staff.”

The next bargaining date is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2018, which is also scheduled to be the first day of school.

“It is unfortunate that we weren’t able to come to a viable agreement at this time,” district organizers said. “We want to assure our school families as well as the Tukwila community as a whole that we are still diligently working towards a unified solution.”

The Tukwila School District has received approximately $4 million from the state of Washington that was specifically intended for certificated and classified salary increases.

“If the Tukwila School District chooses to spend this money in other ways, our community will not be able to retain and attract highly skilled educators,” the union said. “Tukwila students and families deserve the best educators in the region and this will only continue to happen if the Tukwila School District chooses to fairly compensate them.”

“We will be in constant communication with our families for community resources as well as with updates as to our next steps,” the district said. “We appreciate your support, and your patience as we work through this event.”

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