Tukwila Police Blotter for March 7: ‘The Eyelash Bandit struck yet again’

From our friends at the Tukwila Police Department:

Blotter for Wednesday, March 7, 2018. The blotter is back!

Last night was day one of the Community Academy. Thank you to all who attended including Mayor Ekberg. We had a great turn out and a very diverse group of attendees which was awesome. We went over the recruiting/hiring process, training and social media, body cameras, equipment and a few other topics. We had some great questions about policing and laws that were asked.

Coffee With Tukwila PD this Saturday from 9AM – Noon. Starbucks 17480 Southcenter Pkwy near Old Navy and Dicks Sporting Goods.

Again for those interested in a career with us, apply at www.publicsafetytesting.com. We are actively hiring to fill current vacancies and upcoming ones due to retirements as well. More info at www.jointukwilapd.com.

  • Stolen Vehicle 185726
    4700 blk Southcenter Blvd
    A gray 1987 Toyota Camry was stolen sometime overnight.
  • Shoplift 185762
    200 blk Andover Park W
    A male stole 4-5 sleeping pads from a store and fled in a vehicle.
  • Shoplift 185766
    3700 blk 144th St
    The Eyelash Bandit struck yet again. This time she entered a difference convenience store right near the other one that she had been trespassed from and stole eyelashes. The store declined to press charges. She was trespassed and the eyelashes were returned to the store. Stop stealing eyelashes already.
  • Recovered Stolen Vehicle 185767
    Southcenter District
    A 1998 Honda Civic stolen in Renton was located unoccupied and recovered in a parking lot.
  • Vehicle Prowl 185768
    400 blk Costco Dr
    The victim loaded her car and left it unlocked momentarily when she went to return the shopping cart. When she returned, her purse, phone, wallet, ID, debit cards, another wallet, $200 in gift cards, $500 gas card and $80 Starbucks card were gone. Suspect immediately used several of the cards in Kent. As always, the thief was not the sharpest knife in the drawer using the stolen cards at stores with surveillance cameras 😂
  • Trespass 185772
    10300 blk 51st Ave
    Two males were seen at a house that is vacant and in a completely uninhabitable (disgusting) state. This particular house has been a recurring issue as a previous occupant and his friends and friends of friends of friends have been flopping there. Officers contacted an individual on the property and trespassed him. We look forward to seeing the wrecking ball and bulldozers demolish this place.
  • Mail Theft 185777
    14400 blk 34th Ave
    A ne’er do-well stole mail from a mailbox (much easier and less criminal ways of making money than this). Unfortunately for them, their criminal misdeed was caught on video which we will be sharing shortly.
  • Shoplift 185778
    Southcenter District
    Two adult females definitely old enough to know better were observed by loss prevention removing security tags from merchandise and concealing items. According to loss prevention, both are repeat offenders. They were contacted by officers. One of them had been previously formally trespassed from the store for much of the same misbehavior. She was arrested for trespassing.
  • Shoplift 185787
    6800 blk 180th St
    A male in a not so conspicuous bright orange safety vest had a bad shoplifting outing. He attempted to shoplift but ditched the merchandise and fled on foot prior to officer’s arrival. Loss prevention reviewed surveillance footage and saw him arrive in a vehicle that he had left behind when he ran away. They had it towed at his expense. He lost the merchandise and his vehicle.
  • Trespass 185792
    14400 blk 59th Ave S
    A male was taken into custody for trespassing after he returned to a location that he had previously been trespassed from.
  • Detox 185793
    14800 blk Tukwila Int Blvd
    A highly intoxicated male was sent to the hospital by ambulance to detox.
  • Detox
    15000 blk Tukwila Int Blvd 185795
    Another intoxicated male was transported to the hospital by ambulance to detox. He was discovered passed out on a sidewalk.

Mayor Ekberg giving opening remarks at the 2018 Community Academy.

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