Tukwila Police Blotter(s) for the weekend of Jan. 26-28, 2018

This last weekend, the Tukwila Police Department released more of its entertaining Blotters for Jan. 26-28, 2018.

Some of our fave excerpts include:

“Several officers on the other side of the building observed through a large window a male dressed all in black like an old school cat-burglar out of a B-rated movie nonchalantly walking directly towards them while looking over his shoulder having obviously heard officers near the door that was discovered forced open. The moment he looked up and saw several officers looking directly at him would have made for an excellent Depends commercial.

“A male motorist took it upon himself to expose his business to the whole world while driving down Interurban Ave S. He attempted to gain the attention of a passing female motorist who called 911. Officers did an area check in an attempt to find said weirdo but it is believed that he got onto I-5. However, we have his license plate and vehicle info so anymore impromptu displays of that which no one wants to see will not bode well for him.”

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