Tukwila Police recover stolen car, credit cards, social security cards & more

On Sunday night, Jan. 14, Tukwila Police Officers working the night shift responded to reports of a male and female with flashlights trying to break into a vehicle in the 14400 block of 34th Ave S. (map below).

Police say the suspects gave up trying after a minute or two, then got back in their car.

Officers arrived and located the suspects just as they were getting ready to leave. The vehicle was determined to be a Honda Civic that had been stolen in Portland on Jan. 7.

Officers detained three individuals in the car.

“One of those detained is one our most frequent flyers whose name and date of birth we can all just about recite from memory,” police said in a statement. “The involved female had a real bad case of identity crisis and gave us the wrong name. This was a risky roll of the dice for her however as she quickly learned that giving the name of a friend that also engages in criminal behavior means that there is a good chance that said friend may have a warrant. In this case, the friend whose name she provided had a felony warrant. This was an epic fail on her part.”

Police say they were able to get her real name from her, and then broke the news to her that she had two outstanding warrants for her own criminal misdeeds and that she had made false statements for nothing. She was booked.

In the stolen car, officers recovered stolen packages, stolen credit cards, stolen social security cards, stolen financial information, some receipts more than likely associated with a fraudulent return and a laptop that is believed to also be stolen as well as some shaved keys.

“In short, we caught some car thieves, vehicle prowlers, porch pirates, mail thieves and identity thieves. We are working to identify the victims and return their property to them.”

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