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20 students from Tukwila spend day coding at Google’s Fremont campus

Twenty students from Tukwila-based Key Tech Labs [1] – a nonprofit that aims to build self-sustaining communities by equipping minorities with skills in STEM – recently spent the day at Google’s Fremont campus building and coding raspberry pi.


Tanisha Hampden, a Key Tech Labs volunteer, and a Google Volunteer help students build their first Sprite in Scratch Programming.


State Representative Noel Frame introduces Raspberry Pi Day, with a message emphasizing the importance of technology in today’s classrooms.

All participants had varying levels of experience using the Raspberry Pi and programming. The students who were new to the technology were very engaged and excited to take on tasks. The students who had some experience were able to freshen up their skills and help out the younger kids.

The event included a raffle which had students on the edge of their seats. Five students were drawn from the raffle and were presented with the entire computer set up that was built during class. The set up included the Raspberry Pi, monitor, key board, mouse, and auxiliary components.

After the class, Google mentors gave a tour of their campus, during which most students took pictures or live-streamed.