Tukwila School District issues warning about mumps

On Thursday, Jan. 19, the Tukwila School District issued a warning about mumps in the district.

Officials say a student at Foster High School recently recovered from the illness, and is no longer considered contagious.

However, authorities want everyone to be vigilant about mumps; here’s the letter sent out Thursday:

Dear Tukwila School District community,

Public health officials just informed our District Nurse that a student in the Tukwila School District had a recent case of the mumps (or, at the very least, mumps-like symptoms). The student—who attends Foster High and has siblings at Showalter Middle and Thorndyke Elementary—has recovered and is no longer contagious. At this time, health officials are NOT recommending that any children or staff members be kept home from school for safety reasons.

We are notifying community members so that you can be vigilant in case any family members exhibit mumps symptoms, which include fever, headache, and swelling of the cheeks and jaw. If anyone develops these symptoms, please call your healthcare provider right away and tell them your family may have been exposed to the mumps. Your child should be in the clear by early next week, when the incubation period for this particular outbreak will be over.

A letter from Seattle King County Public Health (see below) will be sent home with every student today. If you have questions, contact your health provider.

As always during this cold and flu season, please make sure your children wash their hands frequently, cover their coughs, stay home from school if they are sick, and remain up-to-date on all vaccination recommendations. School nurses just mailed home letters to students who are not in vaccination compliance.

Thank you.

—Sara Niegowski
Director of Communication
Tukwila School District
(206) 901-8036


One Response to “Tukwila School District issues warning about mumps”
  1. Miles Mitchell says:

    Can you please inform us if the children with mumps have been vaccinated for the mumps?

    “Shedding after vaccination with live virus vaccines may continue for
    days, weeks or months, depending upon the vaccine and the health or other individual
    host factors of the vaccinated person.”

    From page 13 of this document.

    If children can shed live viruses for months following vaccination, then telling everyone to go out and get their vaccines could be the cause of these outbreaks.

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