Sheriff’s Office conducts search in Tukwila for remains in Green River case

The King County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit, in conjunction with King County Search and Rescue, conducted an evidence search in Tukwila Saturday morning for victim remains of Green River killer Gary Ridgway.

The area searched was on S. 178th Street, near I-5, south and west of the Southcenter Mall in Tukwila.

As with the search last week near Duvall, this search was based on continuing re-evaluation and analysis of information provided by Ridgway in 2003 regarding the location(s) of possible victims.

These were the first searches of these sites. Neither site was specifically identified, or pinpointed by Ridgway at the time of the 2003 interviews with KCSO.

These searches represent the results of a continuing effort by KCSO to clear up matters related to Gary Ridgway and the Green River cases.

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