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Five Questions to Ask Your Long Distance Mover in Renton, WA

From Advertiser Puget Sound Moving:

When you’re moving into a new city, you want to have as much reliability and stability as possible. When dealing with a highly professional Renton moving company, you can rest assured that your possessions are going to be carefully transported from Point A to Point B without issue, but in order to be sure you’re dealing with such a company, you need to ask some questions.

Not all moving companies offer the same quality of service. Making a moving company comparison is the best way to determine whether you’re making the right choice for your move. Rather than risking the possibility of your valuable belongings getting damaged or lost, you should spend a few moments determining just how much trust you can place in your mover by asking these five questions:

  1. Do You Offer A Guaranteed Delivery Date? At Puget Sound Moving, each customer gets a guaranteed delivery date for his or her move. Van line services typically offer a range of dates, which seems acceptable on paper but can get pretty concerning when four days pass and you still don’t know where your belongings are.
  2. Do You Share Trucks? Moving companies that share trucks do so to save money. Sometimes they pass these savings on to their customers, sometimes they don’t. In either case, sharing trucks introduces uncertainty into your move—what if one of your boxes gets unloaded with someone else’s move? Choose a moving company that dedicates its trucks to each move individually.
  3. How Often Do Your Trucks Stop and Where? A world-class moving company will only stop its trucks for food, fuel and restroom breaks; no overnight deposits, no pick-ups and drop-offs along the way. You want to get this information from your mover before they load up the truck and take off.
  4. How Many Moving Teams Process Your Move? Does the team who performs the packing and loading of the moving truck perform a hand-off at some later date? Will those movers be the same ones who unload your possessions at their destination? They should be, since they know which items are fragile, why they’re fragile and exactly how they should be handled.
  5. Do You Have a Single Point of Contact? If you want to know where your belongings are at any point during the move, who do you call? Is that your single point of contact for the move, or if you have other concerns, do you need to call someone else? Your moving company should give you one easy point of contact for your entire moving experience.

Ask these questions of any mover you plan on doing business with and you’ll quickly determine whether or not they’re ready to provide you with quality service. Your move is too important to risk letting anything go wrong, so you want to be sure the people taking care of it are responsible and accountable enough to do so.

Puget Sound Moving is an industry-leading moving company that specializes in residential and commercial moves. We have provided world-class moving services in Renton, WA since 2009.

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