Recycling in Tukwila can help a local non-profit help local children

For the second year, Tukwila recyclers have a chance to help a local non-profit help local children.

The Tukwila ‘Recycle Often Recycle Right’ campaign aims to collect 500 recycling pledges from community members before June 30.

Every ‘Recycle Often Recycle Right’ promise will help the Tukwila Children’s Foundation earn a $5,000 grant from Waste Management. The Foundation helps meet the basic needs of children in the Tukwila community. The recycling promise supports Tukwila’s recycling goals and helps build community connections in Tukwila.

There are three basic rules for the Recycle Often Recycle Right campaign:

  1. Recycle all empty bottles, cans and paper
  2. Keep food and liquids out of the recycling
  3. Keep loose plastic bags out of the recycling

Why focus on recycling basics?
New plastic-packaging technologies and evolving environmental standards make it difficult to know what can be recycled. As a result, it has become more important than ever to make recycling guidelines and systems as easy and efficient as possible.

To pledge now and help the Tukwila Children’s Foundation, go to

Another way to help is to encourage others via social media, using the campaign hashtag #RORR.

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