PowellsWood Storytelling Festival, July 22-23

PWSF-Click-LandscapePowellsWood: A Northwest Garden plays host to this annual 2-day festival of the art of storytelling.

The first day, internationally-renowned storytellers engage registered guests with workshops designed to turn everyday people into tellers of their own stories. Full-pass participants even get a chance at “Tea With the Tellers” on PowellsWood’s fabled Garden Room Terrace.

The second day, it’s all telling, all the time, with special secret spots in the 3-acre garden set up with tents featuring storytelling tracks for adults, families, and children.

For complete schedule information, visit PowellsWoodFestival.org.


Donald Davis. Appalachian master teller Donald Davis’s tales of growing up in North Carolina bring his audiences to laughter and tears… often at the same time.

Olga Loya. Olga brings her East LA Latino background alive for audiences through folktales and family traditions. Her performances are sprinkled with musical Spanish phrases.

Brenda Wong Aoki. Trained in Noh and Kyogen, contemporary dance, and voice, Brenda entrances audiences with intense, lyrical Japanese ghost legends and heart-warming personal stories.

Adam Booth. Adam, a young West Virginia storyteller and musician, brings us folk, personal, and original tales inspired by his Appalachian heritage.

David Novak. David amazes with his beautifully crafted tales, quirky humor, and sensitive introspection.

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