LETTER: Regarding De’Sean Quinn campaign mailer: ‘Unethical, or Illegal?’

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Unethical, or Illegal?

Saturday I received a flier that had a headline “Tukwila Mayor De’Sean Quinn has a proven track record…..’!

The only problem with this is —

Tukwila’s Mayor is Jim Haggerton.

It is illegal, per RCW 42.17A.335.(1), to “falsely represent that a candidate is the incumbent for the office sought when in fact the candidate is not the incumbent”.

At worst, this appears to be a falsehood aimed at uninformed voters who often vote for the incumbent. At best, it is the sign of a defensive, inept campaign.

– Jacqueline Carroll

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2 Responses to “LETTER: Regarding De’Sean Quinn campaign mailer: ‘Unethical, or Illegal?’”
  1. jellybean says:

    Quinn is working with John Wyble and John is nothing but trouble. watch out, if Quinn wins, Tukwila will end up like Seatac, broke!

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