LETTER: De’Sean Quinn responds to issues with his campaign mailer

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Good afternoon,

Over the weekend many Tukwila residents, including me, received a mailer about my candidacy for mayor (see above) that was sent out by a local organization without my input and without any direct coordination with my campaign.

The good news is that the mailer expressed support for the inclusive vision I have for Tukwila if elected mayor. The bad news is that there was a line in the piece that mistakenly referred to me as Tukwila mayor, instead of councilmember. While I hope that voters will make that title a reality on November 3rd, I am still just a candidate for mayor of Tukwila. Neither I nor any member of my campaign team was responsible for the mailer or the text error.

I have been walking throughout Tukwila’s neighborhoods, listening to residents, and sharing ideas for the future so that I can earn voters’ trust and votes and, with their support, earn the title of mayor next month. But, we still have just over two weeks of work to do before voters decide.

I appreciate the support I’ve received from people and organizations throughout our community. We share working class and middle class families values and work ethic, so it’s no surprise that many of our residents and many of my supporters are members of labor unions. I have supported them throughout my career. They, in turn, support me and my commitment to creating and maintaining union-wage jobs that provide a self-sufficient future for Tukwila residents, especially its young people. There is no disputing that labor is the foundation on which we built the middle class and I will continue my strong support for the movement.

My lesson learned from this situation is a reminder that while I have no control over what other, unrelated organizations say or print about me, I can control what I say, what I do, and what I’m committing to deliver if given the honor of being elected to serve as mayor by the voters of Tukwila next month.

Thank you for the opportunity to address this issue directly,
De’Sean Quinn
Candidate for Tukwila Mayor

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6 Responses to “LETTER: De’Sean Quinn responds to issues with his campaign mailer”
  1. Jacque Carroll says:


    After campaign literature stating “Tukwila Mayor De’Sean Quinn has a proven track record” is received by Tukwila residents, Mr. Quinn responds with “Neither I nor my staff knew anything about it”.

    Mr. Quinn’s response smacks of passing the buck, not taking responsiblity for his campaign.

    For those who do not know:
    1. Jim Haggerton is mayor of Tukwila.
    2. And it is illegal, per , per RCW 42.17A.335.(1), to “falsely represent that a candidate is the incumbent for the office sought when in fact the candidate is not the incumbent”.

    At worst, this appears to be a falsehood aimed at uninformed voters who often vote for the incumbent. At best, it is the sign of a defensive, inept campaign.

    I remain disgusted by the state of Tukwila politics.

    • Anthony Gardiner says:

      it says on the front that no candidate authorized this add says paid for by South King County Working Families PAC .
      I think it was just a misprint

  2. Christine Neuffer says:

    This flyer is evidence of the problem of outside money in politics. Whether it is a union or a corporation, this material is produced by an organization that wants to use money to control election outcomes. It is unaccountable to the voters and claims it is unaccountable to the candidate. This document was proofed. They are always proofed. Clearly this PAC is disconnected from the community it wants to affect.
    It is fortunate, this election, for this office, there is a qualified candidate we can choose who has declined this type of unaccountable influence.

    • p Willoughby says:

      Legislating is easy. One gets an elected position from a majority of constituents who vote him to a Council, legislature, Board, or like body.

      Then the elected shows up at the designated legislative place and votes on propositions before him. If he has some concerns from people who elected him, he may introduce a bill to be voted on by his colleagues – nothing to it. The body meets at the appointed time; members make their most persuasive presentation, and then the body votes. The majority of votes create the law. Failure to win the vote on the proposition causes the bill to be reworked, resubmitted, or it dies.

      Nothing in that sequence cries out for amenability, being friends, or popular, and getting along – or anything else. Much mischief is caused by manipulators who try to control the selection process before reaching the voting stage. They would convince you to forget your principles and wishes of the people who sent you there for the sake of unity. Especially egregious is a legislature conspiring to hide business from the public by carrying on outside the formal settings of a meeting place designated by law.
      In truth, our forefathers intended that making law be robust and contentious to reach the best outcome for all. Earlier politicians were so passionate they fought duels to make a point.

      In furtherance to create laws in public view, our legislature wrote supplemental laws that prevent legislators from doing business outside the purview of the public, or at remote locations. They can’t discuss business out of view if in a quorum. Ethics and law dictate legislators not defeat the open meetings laws in any way, by any means, or contrivance.

      An urban myth developed along the way to self-governing that is antithetical to representative government. The myth is that everyone has to get along and have manners pleasing to all. However, making law is the raison d’être. Today, mannerly has supplanted the law-goal because of someone else’s judgement about discourse. The barbarian is likely to be shamed for being opposed to the fabricated norm. But what if he expresses a perspective comporting with the constituents he represents who are adamantly opposed to the so called norm?

      Contemporary Legislators are so communal they create consciousness-raising-meetings (retreats) away from the public travelling to a resort where they can all learn civility free from public scrutiny. Of course retreats are public meetings open to the public except ordinary citizens have difficulty going where legislators can be observed. The truth is we don’t want our elected officials entwined in benevolent union. We want them working on real problems.

      A docile legislature easily passes legislation. What do we need them for?

      Hard is searching facts for discussion in the public forums that are representative councils. Hard is getting at the truth obfuscated by miscreant special interests and media assaults on the public – all paid for by special interests.

      In politics, conventional wisdom decrees the one with the most money wins. Not entirely true but close. Money gets your message out and pays for negative advertising against an opponent. At this election, some group has purpose for Tukwila because way too much outside money has entered the mayoral contest between councilmembers Quinn and Ekberg. Outside money is vastly spent on candidate Quinn.

      Who are the PAC players from outside the city spending the money?

      Let’s look at the PAC: “People for De’sean Quinn”:
      De’Sean expresses no connection with the PAC but does declare he is supported by Labor Unions.

      What does this PAC look like? Here is their registration:


      The site is owned by Emma Tupper. There is an Emma Tupper who is employed by Moxia Media:


      Clients of Moxie Media are:


      Moxie Media has a history:


      “In 2012 it grossed $2 million, primarily from new business contracts with the Washington Democratic Party”

      Now you know the players. It is unlikely candidate Quinn is ignorant of this PAC supporting his campaign.

      The question is: What do the outsiders expect from Tukwila by trying to control the election outcome?

  3. p willoughby says:

    Here is an example of Councilmember Quinn’s backers. Read the fine print at the bottom of the page. This is partly the rogues gallery of the “Establishment” that has a vested interest in Government largesse.


  4. jellybean says:

    Quinn is working with John Wyble and John is nothing but trouble. watch out, if Quinn wins, Tukwila will end up like Seatac, broke!

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