LETTER: ‘Misleading political signs – is this ethical?’

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Dear Editor,

A few days ago, I was thrilled to hear that Mayoral Candidate De’Sean Quinn was endorsed by the Tukwila Fire Fighters. I was excited for him to have such a great honor from the men and women who keep us safe. I assume he was happy to have the endorsement too because, soon after, I saw some of his yard signs had stickers announcing the endorsement.

But something I saw yesterday made me a little confused. I saw that his opponent had similar stickers on his signs. As I drove by, I pulled over my car to get a closer look. The stickers on Allan Ekberg’s sign actually say “Supports Tukwila Fire and Police”. I wouldn’t normally question what that meant except the timing of the two stickers going up has raised my curiosity and suspicion.

My question to you and to the community is, is it ethical to post “supports” in this context? It seems like the second sticker is purposefully deceptive. As a member of the community who is aware of the ramifications of this election, it seems to have taken an ugly turn.

I encourage voters to give some thought to what you want in your candidate. Deception is a dangerous thing whether subtle or not.

Signed a Long time Tukwila resident and Voter,
Heather McLeland

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7 Responses to “LETTER: ‘Misleading political signs – is this ethical?’”
  1. Becky Abbey-Heckt says:

    I wondered the same thing when I saw the new signs posted at 144th& 51st/McAdam, since the school board cannot and did not endorse a candidate. Deceptive indeed! Is this the leadership we want for Tukwila? I think not. Please be an informed voter!

  2. Kelly Montoya says:

    I was thinking the same thing about Allans signage. It’s really just a bunch of words with no meaning behind them. He also has stickers that say he supports all the different neighborhoods…not even sure what that means. I feel confident that as Mayor, De’Sean will also support all of the Tukwila neighborhoods since he has already started with his work to preserve our parks and help them to be community gathering spaces, and of course he lives in a Tukwila neighborhood!

  3. Gerry Myklebust says:

    My own opinion is that these complaints are a bunch of political posturing to make Allan Ekberg look bad. I am happy for D’Sean that he got the Firefighters’ endorsement. But, for some reason, not the police endorsement.

    Allan put the fact that he supports police and fire on his signs. I know this to be true because in his early years, he was a Tukwila Police Explorer. He would have worked closely with the fire department, so I can only assume that we does also support the fire department.

    Past Tukwila candidates were because people felt that since they were from

  4. Gerry Myklebust says:

    Cascade, for example, they didn’t relate to Allentown, also for example. My read is that Allan is familiar with all of the neighborhoods he posted on his signs. He was raised by the Gullys (who were recognized as Tukwila Treasures by the City) in the Duwamish/Allentown area. He went to Foster High School. He now lives in the Mcmicken Heights area. I would say he has pretty much nailed all the areas mentioned on his signs.

    D’Sean, on the other hand, moved into the Thorndyke area as an adult and has stayed there.

    Can we quit making mountains out of mole hills?

  5. Ln says:

    I got a postcard stating that “Tukwila Mayor DeSean Quinn has a proven track record of supporting our local economy”

    This statement is not simply “marketing” it is deceptive and dishonest.

  6. Pissed off citizen says:

    So who’s going to clean up Tukwila and really take action? We have theft in Allentown like it’s a place people can just sworm in and take what they like. There are multiple complaints being filed and no law enforcements are making the effort. Yet they can be down the street in Starbucks with multiple units idleing.

    • Charles Tyson, Candidate says:

      All attention is for the Mayoral race. Please don’t forget there’s a chance for positive change in the Position 6 Council race, if you see the need.

      Is it really a positive to be endorsed by your employees? What I mean is, surely you want their respect and want to get along with our fine group of firefighters, but do you really want their endorsement and money for campaigning when you are going to collective bargain with the group? Isn’t there a certain payback implied?
      $100 in local $$$ and $5,000 from special interest groups in less than two months for my opponent. Is this good for Tukwila?

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