REPORT: Tukwila may be home to a new NHL Hockey team, perhaps NBA too?

What the proposed arena site would look like.

What the proposed arena site would look like.

ESPN is reporting this week that a company called RLB Holdings Sports and Entertainment filed a zoning code request with the city of Tukwila, stating its intention to build a multipurpose arena.

On May 1, the group will apparently file a SEPA application, according to the report.

The proposed site is immediately off Exit 1 of I-405, east of the West Valley Highway near the Sounder station, the report says.

If progress continues, ESPN adds that the early target date to open the privately funded arena would be the fall of 2017.

The new stadium could play host to a professional NHL hockey team, and perhaps an NBA basketball team as well if one reads the tea leaves of who’s involved.

The City of Tukwila released this statement:

“The City of Tukwila was approached in January of 2014 by developers looking for potential sites for a multipurpose arena. It has been our understanding that Tukwila has been one of multiple sites in the region investigated for this purpose. As a retail and employment hub, with the largest shopping mall in the Pacific Northwest, the City of Tukwila has significant experience dealing with large-scale developments. While the City is supportive of building a multipurpose arena within Tukwila, there are many steps ahead for this project.”

The players involved in this potential new blockbuster include:

  • Ray Bartoszek, former oil trader and co-founder of RLB Holdings, is spearheading the effort
  • NBA Hall of Fame legend (and former Seattle Supersonic) Bill Russell
  • Former Supersonic captain “Downtown” Fred Brown
  • Former MulvannyG2 CEO Jerry Lee

The NHL Board of Governors will meet in June in Las Vegas, where they may decided on expansion.

What might a Tukwila hockey team be called? The Tukwila Shoppers? The Tukwila Hazelnuts? The Tukwila Totems? Please share your ideas in Comments below…

Read ESPN’s full report here.


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  1. Burinal Dumas says:

    Seattle Thunderbirds duh!

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