LETTER: Another resident speaks up about the Tukwila Pool

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I am one of very few words, and I am sorry Paul that I am going to take one of your comments in your recent post that hits very close to home for me.

“City Councilmembers currently hold and march strongly on, not “some time in the future”, but now. It is the Council’s responsibility to have trust in our community that the torch will burn on brighter and stronger by empowering citizens in leadership roles: a 5 person independently elected commission.”

This is exactly my thoughts for how I feel about the city of Tukwila. The time is now to allow citizens who have volunteered many hours of their time to sustaining the Tukwila Pool and to help put Tukwila on the map in a good light by getting involved. We can all sit back and complain, but until you step up and do something nothing will change. I believe in this and I know if empowering the citizens in leadership roles will only help grow our city to be the best city to live in.

I was also at the March TP MPD meeting where the Commissioners (City Council) listened to all the citizens again only to toss us aside. I do know the Council has many hats that they wear and they are spread very thin. This is why allowing dedicated citizens the opportunity to help them not hinder them to sustaining the Tukwila Pool is the right thing to do. I do believe I came across a sign the other day “Tukwila the city of opportunity, city of choice” Give the opportunity to the citizens for a 5 person independently elected commission, make the choice to empower citizens in leadership roles.

– Jeri Frangello-Anderson

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One Response to “LETTER: Another resident speaks up about the Tukwila Pool”
  1. p willoughby says:

    Welcome Jeri Frangello-Anderson,

    For a while there I began to believe only voiceless Zombies lived here in Tukwila. Thank you for adding your thoughts.

    Your voice is important to this discussion enveloping public airing of a decision whether the pool Executive Board of Commissioners should be selected by the people rather than stay part time City Council members serving as ex-officio stand-ins.

    Although unusual, management by Metropolitan Park District (MPD) (swimming pool) joins an infrequent number of Corporations sanctioned by the State. There aren’t that many corporations formed in the State for routine operations. In this case the people legislated to buy a pool after the City Council refused to fund it. Direct legislation by the people to form a Municipal Corporation replete with taxing power is a definitive act. The act separates the MPD from City Funding and administration else the people would have chosen to fund it under the City Budget.

    Because the MPD is a separate corporation conceived by the people, best business practices dictate it be governed by a commission elected by the people. Otherwise, the MPD remains a stepchild – half pool and half City Council – suffering from all that expression connotes. Ultimately, the pool never achieves its potential. Moreover, so long as City Council members remain as ex-officio commissioners, it becomes more likely financial mischief can occur. A separate tax stream generated by the MPD is a tempting target for a cash strapped city budget. Money is fungible. Too often money leaks from dedicated accounts through inter local agreements between entities and through contracts. Tracking money usage becomes an auditing nightmare. Often the trail gets lost in one-half FTEs between separate accounts and split payment for vehicles as well as other supplies.

    Again, good to hear from you.

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