LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ‘It isn’t too early to announce your desire to serve…’

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Dear Editor,

In the city of Tukwila, there are three City Council seats and one Mayor’s positions expiring at the end of this year. Council Members Robertson, Kruller, and Hoggardy currently occupy the Council seats. Mayor Haggarton’s term is expiring. You may contact Tukwila City Hall or King County Elections for more information:

Because of the poor economy, it is imperative that we elect people dedicated to bringing service-costs within our ability to pay for them. Currently, the City of Tukwila is raising fees and taxes that fall most heavily on those of us in our community least able to pay for them. Answer this question; is the amount of spending more this year than last year?

Filing dates are:

  • Consult the earlier listed links to King County Elections and Tukwila.
  • In lieu of sufficient funds to pay the filing fee, you may submit a filing fee petition.

If you would like to run for one of these seats and serve the people of our city, it isn’t too early to announce your desire to serve. Then those of us in the community who may help you can begin to learn about you and the resources you need to run a campaign.

Here are some suggestions: Announce your intent at a city council meeting. There is usually a newspaper reporter covering the meeting. Write a letter to the newspaper. Tell the newspaper’s political reporter you are running.

No special education or experience is required – just a desire to serve. Young people are especially attractive to me because they are so underrepresented in local government. Much is happening in the city of Tukwila – too much for us to manage a city by losing seats to professional politicians by default.

Yours truly,
Paul Willoughby

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One Response to “LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ‘It isn’t too early to announce your desire to serve…’”
  1. p willoughby says:

    Welcome to Mr. Tyson who has consented to run for a Council Seat. His writings reveal someone who is attuned to fixing problems and would be an independent legislator.

    Later, I shall write more about the inestimable value of an independent leader in the process of making laws.

    Time is running out for our citizens to file for one of the Tukwila Council seats, school district, or the Mayor’s position in this fall’s election.

    Registration shut-down occurs this Friday, May 15, 2015. See previous postings here on this BLOG about how to register. May I share with you some of my concerning thoughts about this election? I will restrict my conversation to some short bulleted items describing the structure of the crisis. We can discuss any bullet later in detail using comments following this posting. By using that method one eliminates the slog of reading a first single writing constricted by getting too much information in one exposition. Let’s begin:


    Ask yourself; are our elected officials leaders or facilitators? That means, do they make independent judgements, evaluate the consequences to our citizens, and individually vote their best conscience in the face of many competing forces. Or, do they act as intermediaries for special interests to facilitate the deal. Let me give an illustration.


    Given our current government structural defects, I believe we are verging on a catastrophic occurrence of the economy caused by poor political decisions and lack of citizen involvement in their government.

    Here is the tool to failure. The City needs new money each year as a function of how it conducts business. The economic model of government follows a mathematical series-coefficient expressed as (1+i) ⁿ plus new spending for each budget Year. (Hang in there because there are just a few lines on this point). Note that the series rises exponentially and if not checked will cause a catastrophic occurrence of the economy as expenses (demand for new taxes) approaches infinity. New expenses can be accommodated on a rising economy; however, in lean or no growth-years spending must be arrested or reduced to maintain a healthy economy. Or, raise new taxes (revenue) that will collapse the economy as the cost curve grows steeper. Sustaining an untenable state by promulgating it through fees and taxes is suicidal.

    Effect on citizens:

    We have a national crisis in governing that must be addressed. However, real gut consequences are felt by the least of our citizens at the city level. Every consequence of the counsels and Boards descends on them severely.

    New taxes drive up the cost to live in the city and attend city schools excluding necessities such as food to eat and medicines. There are other charges too. Pay attention to the numbers of single family houses that have several cars parked there. They belong to people doubling and tripling occupancy to share rental costs.

    Mechanics of governing:

    Government service jobs are creatures of political power; therefore they are regulated by political strength. Stated alternatively, Government is not regulated by the market because government has the power to tax.

    Politics has evolved to a triumvirate of public employee unions, professional politicians, and useful idiots nurtured by special interests such as the teacher’s unions and social services that derive income from public monies.

    Citizen involvement:

    There is no circa sixties easy way out. We are going to need some good thinkers and resolute leaders to survive this. We don’t need facilitators.

    Don’t leave these positions in our city government defaulting without a choice of the best leaders available.

    Remember that the purpose of city government is to serve the people who live there. Consequently, there are fundamental duties that must be done, most pertaining to public safety. City government isn’t a job pool to employ civil servants, nor is it a social services conduit to citizens who are obligated to provide for themselves.

    Just a note about the value of a single independent Legislator and I will wrap it up.
    Our system and laws dictate that we the people elect our neighbors to serve them independently in open forums. They are to review the needs of the people by reviewing information to arrive at an opinion they can discuss at an open forum before the people and then they vote. Measures that cannot achieve the majority vote fail. The method is unambiguous and final unless modified and resubmitted for a new vote.

    Want to know why your questions are deferred in silence. Here is why. Secret meetings to arrive at a unanimous decision – “group think” – is counterproductive, cowardly, and wrongly evidences a belief in superior knowledge above the citizenry. They gather together in “consciousness raising” retreats to mold a unified defense against the public while getting to know one another. Defeating laws about Quorums, they converse over telephones with other members that number less than a Quorum, talking about how they plan to vote. Good government is messy and dynamic and works out their differences.
    Here comes the leader. A single independent leader that legislates can refuse to accept the unity ploy and courageously discusses his concerns and vote, as he should, in public in the forum designed for a free society.

    It’s the law and prevents collusion by the members from hiding information from the public. To conduct public business otherwise is controlling the public rather than serving them.

    You want good government? Then go after it!

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