Tukwila City Councilmember De’Sean Quinn announces run for Mayor

by Jack Mayne

Tukwila City Councilmember De’Sean Quinn on Tuesday (Feb. 24) announced his candidacy for mayor of Tukwila.

Quinn has been on the Council for six years, now serving his second term that expires in 2017.

“My goal has been to improve the quality of life for Tukwila’s citizens,” Quinn said. “I am proud that my efforts have enhanced public safety measures, ensured that fiscally-responsible decisions were made, and improved the city’s communication with its residents.”

He said he learned he had to “put in the time to understand how city government works, and that leadership and progress is defined by your willingness to take action.”

Quinn said he remains committed to protecting the quality of life, enhancing public safety, preserving open space and parks, and protecting Tukwila’s environment.

He grew up in Seattle attended University of Washington, served as the community relations manager for former County Executive Ron Sims then became the King County Council’s council relations director. He is currently a water quality planner and project manager with the county Department of Natural Resources and Parks where he works with community relations, public involvement strategies and represents the agency on various intergovernmental planning groups.

“My vision for Tukwila is a vibrant, creative and culturally-diverse community that is livable, affordable, safe, environmentally sustainable, and fosters growth and opportunity throughout its distinctive neighborhoods,” Quinn said.

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