‘Angle Of Attack’ – Fast Aircraft + Fast Cars, At Museum Of Flight May 14th

‘Angle of Attack, An Aerodynamic Kinship Between Exotic Automobiles & Aircraft,’ is coming to the Museum of Flight this Saturday, May 14th, from Noon – 3pm.

“An assortment of exotic automobiles will be on hand from noon until 3:00 in the Museum’s parking lot,” reads a press release. “The exhibition is free to the public; admission to the Museum of Flight is separate from this event. This event will not only showcase these incredible automobiles but it will also benefit area animal shelters and rescue groups. Representatives from Homeward Pet Rescue, Shelter, and Adoption and Animal Aid & Rescue Foundation will be on hand to give out information on their services and accept donations.”

The regional exotic car community will be displaying a large variety of exotic and rare automobiles at this event, including:

  • Lamborghinis
  • Ferraris
  • Porsche
  • Teslas
  • Lotus
  • Aston Martin
  • Audi R8
  • BMW M Series
  • and more….plus the world’s fastest production supercar…the Ultimate Aero will be on display.

Here’s a promotional video:

Here’s more info:

There has always been a kinship between the aerodynamic designs of fast aircraft and fast automobiles. These characteristics often grow from one industry to the other. Exotic machines of the ground and sky also share a common beauty of design as well.

On the afternoon of May 14, 2011 these shared qualities will be on display at the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field.

The Event…
This event will demonstrate the aerodynamic similarities between exotic cars and aircraft. Because of the uniqueness of the automobiles displayed, the event should draw a substantial attendance.

The Cause…
Too often dogs and cats are abandoned by their owners. Animal shelters and pet rescue groups work tirelessly to find hope and homes for these creatures. Many are volunteers who are working out of the kindness of their hearts. Representatives from Homeward Pet Rescue, Shelter, and Adoption and Animal Aid & Rescue Foundationcwill be on site to give out information and to accept donations.

Aviation High School (AHS) is the only college preparatory aviation- themed high school in the North- west. It is our goal to become the premier school of choice for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in the Pacific Northwest.

Although Highline Public Schools is the home of this unique learning community, students throughout the Puget Sound region may apply. This year about 65 percent were local students and the rest com- muted from surrounding districts, some as far away as Tacoma, Everett, and Bremerton. Many as- pire to become scientists, engi- neers, astronauts, pilots, aviation technicians, and CEOs in aviation/ aerospace fields. Many are drawn by the school’s focus on math, sci- ence and technology.

To prepare all students for college, career and citizenship through a personalized, rigorous and relevant learning experience that is facili- tated in the context of aviation and aerospace.

Senior Project Rationale
…to provide students an opportunity to test themselves—to see for themselves as well as to demonstrate and communicate to others that they can apply their knowl- edge and skills in important and practical situations to solve problems and achieve goals.

What makes an exotic car?
First , an “Exotic” is not generally in the same category as “mainstream” automobiles like Kia, Honda, or GM, etc. An exotic car is not a hot rod, typically seen at most car shows. Some brands which are labeled exotics are (but not limited to) Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston Martin, Bentley, Tesla, BMW M-Series, Audi R8, and Lotus. This group can also include rare brands such as Alfa Romeo. The far majority of exotic cars are European, however there some American and Japanese cars that fit the description as well. These automobiles are all “drivable art”.

About Me…..
“My name is Alex Bergler and I am in my senior year at Aviation High School. For my senior project I have planned an event that will combine three of my passions, aircraft, exotic cars, and animals. Since I was just a toddler I have always loved aircraft. Most of my childhood memories are filled with attending air shows and spending a lot of time at the Museum of Flight, I joke that the Museum became my second home. My plans and dreams have always involved flight. As I started high school I began to seriously pursue my dreams of flight by starting flight lessons at Boeing Field. As I studied aerodynamics and design I soon became enamored with another great pas- sion and beauty , exotic automobiles. Now the passing sound of a Ferrari evokes the same excitement and awe as that of a F/A-18 takeoff. From my earliest memories ani- mals have always been an important part of my life. My family and I have always been very animal friendly. So when I was selecting an endeavor to pursue for a senior pro- ject it really made sense to combine my passions into something which will positively contribute to my community .”

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