LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Here’s How You Can Help Save The Tukwila Pool

The only way the Tukwila Pool will remain open past September 14, 2011 is if the citizens vote for the creation of the Metropolitan Pool District (MPD) and the associated tax to fund it.

We are looking for a substantial commitment by a large number of people to do what it takes to get the word out to the voters. Things that will need to be done include leadership, organizing work parties, fundraisers, door belling, phone calling, sign making, printing, community outreach and probably a lot more. If you are sincerely committed to Saving the Tukwila Pool please email: [email protected] Include your name, contact info, how many hours and / or $ you are willing to commit and how you can help.

For interested parties who do not have access to email (not sure how you are reading this, but OK), you may phone 206-241-6064 and leave your information on voice mail.

– Ellen

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