Southcenter Parkway To Be Closed For Construction Starting March 28th

As part of the City of Tukwila’s “Southcenter Access Project,” three major road closures will start on Monday, March 28th, and will not reopen until November, 2011.

“The Southcenter Access Project is a major reconstruction of Southcenter Parkway between Strander Boulevard and Tukwila Parkway (between Westfield Southcenter Mall and I-5),” reads a statement.

The work will affect two major intersections:

  • Southcenter Parkway at Klickitat Drive
  • Southcenter Parkway at Strander Boulevard

The work will also affect the adjacent off-ramps from northbound I-5.

The purpose of the project is to improve traffic flow on Southcenter Parkway and reduce congestion at the intersections and I-5 off-ramps.

Here are the closure detailss:

  1. The off-ramp from northbound I-5 to southbound Southcenter Parkway,
  2. Southcenter Parkway, (both directions), between Strander Blvd and the West entrance to Westfield Southcenter Mall
  3. Klickitat Drive between 53rd Avenue South and Southcenter Parkway, (Eastbound Klickitat Drive will be open to provide access to the southbound I-5 on ramp).

The city would like our Readers to note that all businesses will remain open during construction.

We strongly encourage everyone to begin looking at maps now to identify alternate routes if needed.

More information available at a special website here.

Here are some maps and graphics that illustrate what the heck will be going on and where:

For a detailed map, assistance in identifying alternate routes and construction updates, go to


One Response to “Southcenter Parkway To Be Closed For Construction Starting March 28th”
  1. Gary Beard says:

    Boy,…. the City of Tukwila has gone out of there way to drive shoppers away, way away from the Southcenter Area. It took me 40 min to get from Outback to 180th and West Valley Hwy.
    Thay have granted permits to close well traveled roads. First Frager Rd. Must be having Labor Ready doing the work. Taking a long time to finish. The S/C Parkway down to one lane southbound. Maybe they should have completed some of this road work be for closing all the freeway on/off ramps.
    Maybe they could work with the Traffic Enginering and have the traffic lights stay greener longer to relieve the backups. Just a thought and a little venting. All I know is that I won’t be back to S/C any time soon.

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