VIDEO: Amazing ‘Shadow Tree’ Art Seen On Southcenter Blvd.

Friend of the Blog and local Artist Maureen Hoffmann shared this incredibly beautiful find she videotaped this week in Tukwila – she calls it a ‘Shadow Tree’ and as she posted on her blog:

The most beautiful thing I saw today.

The scene: a building along the west of a busy mall parkway in south Seattle Tukwila with a drive-through and plantings along the roadside. The headlights from westbound traffic in the right-hand turn lane across the street, are intercepted by this low, trimmed tree and then play across this wall as the cars turn to go northward.

The combination of elements is enchanting!

From what we understand, this scene is on the west side of Southcenter Blvd. at the intersection of Strander Blvd., on the side of the AT&T building facing the street, which once housed a See’s Candies:

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One Response to “VIDEO: Amazing ‘Shadow Tree’ Art Seen On Southcenter Blvd.”
  1. Maureen says:

    You can see this lovely shadow play anytime after dark! It’s gorgeous.

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