TRAFFIC UPDATE: Changes Made To Andover Park West

The westbound left turn lane from Tukwila Parkway to Andover Park West is now a “protected only” movement to increase motorist safety.

Drivers must obey the red arrow indicator light, and proceed only on a green arrow.

Revision signs are in place, so please drive safely!

The 405/Tukwila Parkway intersection will be revised soon, so be on the lookout for those changes, and drive cautiously.

Here’s a map of the area:

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One Response to “TRAFFIC UPDATE: Changes Made To Andover Park West”
  1. vince says:

    All my life for 24 years we have blown past this red light since there is no on coming traffic. “SAFETY” aka give us your money. Just like those picture ticket machines are for safety too. This crap OS ridiculous. Solution; drive with your dealer plates on to avoid the bs ticket.

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