Get Ready To Drop Your Pants On The Link Light Rail This Sunday

The second annual “No Pants! Light Rail Ride” is coming this Sunday, Jan. 9th, from 3pm – 6pm, sponsored by Emerald City Improv, which encourages link light rail riders to ‘drop trou’ and ride like nothing’s going on.

This public prank is open to everyone, and to participate, you simply just show up, pay your fare, get on board and take your pants off while riding Sound Transit’s Link Light Rail; just be sure to wear a non-revealing undergarment of some kind.

Most pantsless pranksters are gathering just before 3pm at Westlake Center in downtown Seattle, but we encourage our Readers to buck that trend by boarding either at the SeaTac or Tukwila stations sometime between 3pm – 6pm, and riding the other direction. We think this will allow for more surprising reactions from unsuspecting travelers, and after all, humorous reactions is what this entire prank is about.

We also encourage everyone to take photos and/or video (without being too obvious) and email them to us for posting after the event.

This is affiliated with the “No Pants Subway Ride,” which is a global event started by Improv Everywhere in New York in 2002.

We sent our crew out in 2010, and here’s a video we produced of the event (read our sister site B-Town Blog’s coverage of last year’s event here), starring the frequently-pantsless Bart Bryan along with numerous other whimsical locals:

Here are other videos from last year:

Here are the event details:

WHAT: Second annual No Pants! Link Light Rail Ride.

WHEN: Sunday, Jan. 9th from 3:00pm – 6:00pm.

WHERE: Most are meeting just before 3pm at Westlake Center in downtown Seattle, but that’s not a requirement; in fact, we discourage our Readers from starting there, as you will have to wait to board the trains, plus, you’ll be stuck with dozens, if not hundreds, of other “No Pants!” riders. If you board from the SeaTac or Tukwila stations, we think you’ll most certainly garner a stronger reaction from unsuspecting riders.

INFO: Created by Emerald City Improv, Luke Greenway.

From their website:

** Invite your friends!! ** 🙂

Emerald City is proud to announce that we will again be having a No Pants! Light Rail Ride, as part of Improv Everywhere’s 10th annual No Pants Subway Ride. Cities around the globe participate. This year’s event will take place on Sunday, January 9th.


  1. Willing to take pants off on light rail
  2. Able to keep a straight face about it (or at least try really hard)
  3. Wear non-offensive underwear
  4. Pay your fare
  5. Bring a small bag or backpack to put your pants in during the event.

WHERE TO MEET: MEET AT 4TH AVE AND PINE ST, across from Westlake Center, a little before 3pm.

After the event: right now we are planning to meet at Fox Sports Grill again this year to talk about all of our stories over a beer. It was a great time last year.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You may NOT wear any revealing or “skimpy” clothes. If deemed too revealing, we will ask that you put your pants back on. This includes thongs, jock straps, ass-less chaps, whitey-tighties that can be seen through etc. Please use common sense.

Check out last years media page here.

Last year’s facebook event may be found here.

Questions? Contact:

Kelsey Wildstone
Cell: 206-913-1140
[email protected]

Luke Greenway
[email protected]

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